Finally, A Breakthrough Way To Know
Exactly What And When To Eat To Perfectly Sculpt
The Head-Turning Body All Those Gut-Busting Workouts Alone Will Never Give You!

As soon as your very next meal – you too can be eating the exact foods your body needs to automatically shed belly fat and pack on muscle anywhere you want… no matter how crappy your prior eating habits have been!

Let me ask you a quick question …

What’s the biggest goal you’d like to achieve with your workouts?

It might be “I just want to be able to take my shirt off at the beach” or “I’d love to find a way to stay more motivated to go to the gym” or maybe, “I really need to lose belly fat fast.”

But I’ll bet there are a lot of you out there who actually have ONE particular goal in mind… the single biggest obstacle you’d love to overcome and scratch off your list once and for all.

You just want a body like HIM.

You know who I’m talking about—that guy at your gym, the one who looks like he just stepped out of a Men’s Health ad that you always seem to be stuck working out next to. Or the guy on YouTube… who went from dough-boy flabby to Fabio-chisled in a few months and keeps telling you how easy it is.

Wouldn’t you just LOVE to see the jaws of guys at your gym drop as you finally sculpt the head-turning body you’ve always wanted right before their eyes. Where even the alpha-gym rats are asking you what YOUR secrets are?

Well, listen closely… because I want to help you finally, once-and-for all, make these guys respect you and your body.

And the best place I found to do that is the equalizer of equalizers… the dinner table!


“Before I met you, it was really easy to drift along with the latest fad diet…

There was “starve yourself until the afternoon,” “work out two hours everyday,” “take this supplement or that supplement,” or some of all. It is really hard to sift through all the stuff to find what works. A twenty year old can cheat and do just about anything and still look good. As for me at 54, it is an effort every day to not gain weight.

What I like about your program is that it teaches you to help your own body and to learn your own metabolism. Somebody may say they are doing this or that, but I now know what works for me.

The system fits into everyday life easily. It is not hard and not time consuming. Actually, I found myself having more free time when following your nutrition and exercise program while still seeing better results with my workouts.”

Dr Stephen B.

Think You’re Already Eating “Healthy”?
Yeah, So Did I!

Yikes! Here’s the results of trying to add muscle with a diet of triple cheeseburgers

Isn’t it aggravating trying different workouts to lose fat and build muscle while never seeing your body respond? I know because I went through it too. I was skinny and could not pack on weight. So I tried eating everything (including triple cheeseburgers), and I packed on a lot… of fat!I got really frustrated because I hated how crappy I felt between the feast or famine swings of stuffing myself to add muscle, then starving myself to lose the bulging belly that came with it.

I knew there had to be an easier way to lose belly fat AND pack on muscle at the same time to build the lean, muscular body I wanted.

That’s when I made a surprising breakthrough about what and when to eat that allowed me to transform my body below, without changing a single workout or ever going hungry…


What’s even more incredible is, after using my Food Intake Breakthrough System on my own body I discovered it wasn’t just me struggling with knowing what and when to eat. Guys who followed me on You Tube were e-mailing me telling me they were noticing my great results and wanted to know what I was doing differently because they felt they were missing something.

As I got back to them, I found many were at their wits end with nutrition because of all the conflicting information out there…

  • Marketing hype and misleading labels from food manufacturers
  • Gimmicky fad diets
  • Outrageous supplement claims

So I finally asked the simple question…

Anyone Interested In Being Coached Through
The Same Nutrition Program I use?

I got a resounding YES,YES, YES from guys all over the world…

After spending days reviewing all of their nutrition challenges and combining them with everything I did to grab nutrition by the horns, I created an invitation only program for guys on my list who’ve been begging me to tell them what I’m eating.

Not only did those guys start seeing fat fall off and muscles pop up in places they’ve always wanted, they kept sharing comments like…

“This S*** Works – You Just Have To Do It – Fortunately, It’s Not Rocket Science…

My 16 year old daughter saw me with my shirt off this weekend and asked when I got a six pack. I almost died… didn’t think it was noticeable but it’s getting there! Thanks for the help.”

Neil M.

“10 days in and I got compliment from a girl who said my face looked slimmer and my chest looked bigger!

I am really enjoying the program so far. It is helpful to be able to tackle nutrition in more manageable chunks, rather than make a massive overhaul at once and feeling overwhelmed.”

George C.

Time and again guys kept talking about the breakthroughs they too were seeing with their nutrition. They also had some powerful suggestions to make it even better.

So I recorded a ton more video and moved the entire program to an easy to use online membership site you can access anytime you want.

Then I added upgrade options of behind the scenes video of me using the entire system over the course of a week. Where you can see every meal I eat (including pre/post workouts) during a typical week of me running my 3 businesses.

You’ll also see how I effortlessly grocery shop and even what supplements I use — which, I have never revealed until now in the separate supplements video guide.

And it all starts by building a rock-solid nutrition foundation with…

The Food Intake Breakthrough System

Showing you how to precisely calibrate the 3 food intake dials that fine-tune your metabolism. So you can automatically burn fat and pack on muscle anywhere you want…

Once you see how ridiculously simple these dials are to use you’ll easily & safely transform your body. No matter how crappy your eating habits have been or what your body goals are…

  • If you want to pack on lean muscle mass… it works!
  • If you’re trying to shed fat quickly… it works!
  • If you’re pulling double-duty trying to build muscle AND drop belly fat… it works!

It’s simply a matter of adjusting the dials to fit your body’s unique needs.

Here’s the unvarnished truth about creating a head-turning body…

As a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist I can tell you just investing 3 – 4 hours a week at the gym is enough workout time to change your body. So why do your gut-busting workouts keep giving you such miniscule results…

It’s because what you do with the remaining 97% of your time outside the gym that determines if your body will automatically add lean muscle, blast away fat and get lasting results. And that includes what and when you eat throughout your day.

You see, your body is like a house before a storm hits.

Every time you work out you’re tearing down that house and your body’s cells rebuilds a stronger, better looking one in its place… But ONLY IF you supply those cells with the RIGHT MATERIALS each time you build.

If you’re giving your cells crappy material to build with – you can workout everyday for the rest of your life and ALWAYS LEAVE YOUR RESULTS BURRIED UNDER FAT!


So What’s In The Food Intake Breakthrough System,
And How Can It Help You?
Simple 7 Day Focus: Never again will you struggle with focus or motivation using my unique Simple 7 Day formula. It’s long enough to make a difference and short enough for you to see the finish line with both your eating plan and workouts.
Battery Power vs Outlet Power: Instead of fighting yourself with energy sucking will power, learn the powerful concept that allows your eating and workouts to tap into unlimited power.
Visual Growth Formula: See how to stop getting the same results you’ve always gotten by spotting exactly where your current formulas for fat loss and muscle growth are flawed.
Clockwork Pillars: Every magnificent structure in the world sits on foundational pillars. Your body is no different. Laying down these foundational pillars of your body’s new nutrition plan allows you to lose fat and build muscle like, you guessed it… clockwork!
The 3 Food Intake Dials: Whether you want to admit it or not, the content of what you eat effects your body. By mastering how to use these dials to your advantage, you will always know exactly what and when to fuel your body for optimum performance.
Automate Your Food Intake: Discover the tools apps, automated made-for-you menu plans and food lists Ryan uses during every Simple 7 Day period to reach his body targets while running three businesses and maintaining a busy social life.
Food Intake Tools For Building Muscle: Building muscle with the wrong foods will leave you looking like an NFL lineman with a muffin top. Find out how to use the 3 dials with lists of foods and food combinations that pack on hard lean muscle.
Food Intake Tools For Losing Fat: While you might create sixpack abs in the gym, you UNCOVER or BURRY them with every meal you eat. Learn how to ditch the belly blubber with these fat shredding foods and combinations.
Food Intake Tools to Build Muscle and Lose Fat: No area has more confusion than this one: how to get lean while adding bulk. Not any longer. You’ll also get a food dial calculator plus food lists and meal planners to guarantee you get that cut look you’re after.
Pre/Post Workout Foods For Max Results: Most guys don’t’ realize that what they scarf down right before and after their workouts is actually hurting their fat loss and muscle building goals. This won’t ever happen to you again, once you see how Ryan forever solves the pre/post meal mystery.

PLUS… For Those Wanting Even Quicker Results, Add These Two Special Upgrade Videos To Your Order Below

Upgrade Video #1: Ryan’s Live 7 Day Video Journal
Follow me as I put the Food Intake Breakthrough through the rigors of my insanely busy week running 3 businesses! See what and when I eat (including pre/post workout meals), how I prep things, what I do when I go out to a restaurant, and even go grocery shopping with me as I show you how to REALLY read food labels. This is the next closest thing to being in my $5,000 week long private workouts and nutrition coaching program.
Upgrade Video #2: Super Supplement Video Guide

Until now, I have NEVER revealed what supplements I take. Because most guys see them as a way to bypass nutrition and they’re not. In fact, I think discovering the truth about supplements is so important that I fly to the top supplement conferences in the U.S. every year (at my own expense). These fun videos will give you the cliff notes version on supplement intel from industry insiders as well as what supplements I’ve tried, which ones work, what ones to stay away from PLUS how to shop for supplements without getting ripped off.

I already have guys who are willing to pay $97 just for these two options. But when you add them to your order today for the Food Intake Breakthrough System you’ll get them both for a fraction of that.

Yeah, But Will I Get Results?

Yes. If you’re tired of your workout results being sabotaged by what you don’t know about nutrition, you will find this program and tools a godsend. Not only is it fun to watch and listen to, it will also build motivation every time you go through it.

Early Results You Can Expect:
In the short term, you will experience subtle changes to your thought processes associated to your food intake, lifestyle, and even working out. Things will start to come a bit more naturally to you. Losing fat and building muscle will seem like less of a struggle to you, you will be less tempted by foods and actions which will set you back, and more and more you will feel motivated to succeed and develop a real positive and pro-active mindset with what you put into your body.

Long Term Results You Can Expect:
As you continue to use the program and customize meal plans to your palette and body’s unique needs your patterns of thinking and self-beliefs will be completely re-wired from the inside-out. You will be losing belly fat, gaining muscle and feeling like a new person. Eventually you will wonder what all the fuss was about – why was having the body you want so hard previously?

This is because your mindset will completely change and you will barely be able to relate to the way you used to think and feel - fat loss and muscle gain will just seem simple, easy, and natural, and you will finally get the lasting results you want.


What Else Will You Learn With
The Food Intake Breakthrough System?
  • 60% of your body is water. Find out how much you REALLY need to be drinking.
  • The 5 point safety net for eating out at ANY restaurant
  • The link between the rhythm of music and lasting results
  • 3 tactics to obliterate your late night snacking
  • How to never be harassed for not drinking ever again
  • When and how to use cheat meals without killing your self-confidence
  • The 1 CRITICAL day of each week that ensures you stay on track to get results fast!
  • The fun tool that will have your wife or girlfriend begging to grocery shop for you
  • 107+ done for you meal plans for your first Simple 7 Days, plus how to easily create your own
  • When and how to weigh yourself correctly (most guys get this wrong).
  • Great snacks + “On the Go” muscle foods that are quick & easy
  • How to decode nutrition labels and become immune to food marketing industry hype
  • The best strategies for eating smart during work or social outings.
  • How better nutrition increases your stamina and slingshots the testosterone your workouts produce to all the right places (especially in the bedroom).
  • And much, much more…

Important: Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Delay

#1: You will no longer be confused when it comes to nutrition. Finally, you’ll hold the key elements for safe, lasting nutrition success. And have the confidence you’re making the right food decisions based on your physique goals.

#2: You will know exactly what and when to eat to lose fat or pack on muscle anywhere you want. So you can stop wasting your time searching for miracle workouts and supplements.

#3: You will get an all access behind the scenes look at EXACTLY what I’ve eaten and how I use my own system to get and keep the body you’ve seen on YouTube.

#4: Your motivation and passion for working out will be at an ALL TIME high because you’ll literally see the fruits of your labor every time you look in the mirror.

With My Food Intake Breakthrough System there simply is no quicker or easier way for you to know the right foods you can eat to sculpt your body. And more importantly… have the head-turning body you desire.

Find out how Ben achieved “larger gains” and created healthy habits…

“I’ve noticed a huge increase in size (larger gains) since I completed the course and haven’t eaten junk food for ages… I’m more determined to eat good rich nutritious food!”

Ben E


Try It For Yourself Today, 100% Risk-Free

Your Personal Food Intake Breakthrough Guarantee!

I know that after watching the first video you will see the immediate value of this course and in applying it directly to your life. If, for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER you do not feel you learned invaluable new tactics and strategies for working out that you can put to use RIGHT AWAY than simply e-mail ‘Refund please’ and I will happily buy your program back.

This isn’t a program where you have to wait 90+ days to see if it works. This is an actionable video course that re-programs everything you know about nutrition. You will know INSTANTLY that it provides immediate value towards sculpting the body you’ve always wanted.

Go ahead and put it to the test today. You will only pay if YOU FEEL IT IS WORTH IT.


The Food Intake Breakthrough System Special Offer…
Choose YOUR Ideal Food Intake Breakthrough System…
Simple 7 Day Focus Blueprint
Battery vs Outlet Power
Visual Growth Formula
3 Dials System
Automatic Food Intake system
Food Intake For Building Muscle
Food Intake For Losing Fat
Food Intake For Building Muscle & Losing Fat
Pre/ Post Workout Food Plans
Upgrade Video #1: Ryan’s 7 Day Video Journal
See exactly what and when I eat for 7 days (including pre/post workout meals), how I prep things, what I do when I go out to a restaurant, and even go grocery shopping with me as I show you how to REALLY read food labels.
Upgrade Video #2 – Ryan’s Super Supplement Video Guide
These fun videos will give you the cliff notes version on supplement intel from industry insiders as well as what supplements I’ve tried, which ones work, what ones to stay away from PLUS how to shop for supplements without getting ripped off!
Investment $67 $97
How Important Is It That You Stop Screwing Around
With How You Fuel Your Body?

If you’re hesitating about ordering this program, that’s probably proof that you need this more than ever. It will totally change the way you do everything related to nutrition. Man up and make this choice now to know exactly what and when to eat so you too can lose stubborn belly fat and pack on muscle anywhere you want.

One final thought – I PROMISE that once you get a handle on your nutrition everything you hate about your body will change dramatically for the better. Not to mention the dramatic increase in self-confidence you’ll now be sporting.

You have only muscle to gain and fat to lose! Order The Food Intake Breakthrough System now.

To Your Success,

Ryan Masters

Ryan Masters
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

PS – If you always do what you’ve always done, you will ALWAYS get what you’ve always gotten. Isn’t it time to do something different with what you feed your body?